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Oh boy, guys. I am in big trouble! I knew going into this challenge that we had a couple of vacations planned that would result in me needing to do a handful of two-a-days in order to meet my goal of 90 classes in 90 days. What I didn’t know is that our one week vacation to Vegas would end up being a two week vacation that included spending time with my family over the mountains! I feel so behind in classes now–but not to worry. I AM STILL IN THIS.

Class 13 was my first class back after being on vacation! It was ROUGH. I definitely needed to detox and rebuild my stamina but definitely not as hard as class #1. I imagine after today and tomorrow I’ll be back to where I was pre-vegas so I’m not too set back.

Something I have laughed at since starting this challenge is how much it has improved my overall hygiene and makeup/hair routine. Because I’m going to yoga and getting super gross and sweaty every day, I am showering every day…which was definitely not true before I started this challenge where I spent most of my days sitting at my desk or snuggling the boys watching shows. Because my hair is always clean I’m way more likely to style it. The added energy and confidence has me wanting to do my makeup more often. Check out my FAVORITE makeup here 😉.  It’s so fast, minimalistic, and makes me feel like a million bucks on top of my new work out routine!

So this post is mostly admitting how far I fell behind during vacation, picking up my mat, and running to catch up! My game plan moving forward is to re-acclimate and once I’m back to where I was, making two-a-days the standard a few specific days of the week until I’m caught up!



Challenge Day: 35

Number of Classes Attended: 13

Hatha: 8

Vinyasa Flow/Power: 4

Hot Barre: 1

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