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Class 11 was Hatha. A great stretch and back-to-basics class after the day before. (Class 10 was Hot Barre). It felt as if postures were held a bit longer than usual. I even went and checked after class to see if maybe I attended a 90 minute Hatha class instead of 60. Nope. Just 60!

I found my mat in a new location in the studio. The back right with the top of my mat a couple inches behind the back main heater.  My eyesight isn’t the best and being that far from the mirror definitely makes it harder for me to focus on my alignment. My ultimate goal (heat wise) will be directly below the two main heaters in the center of the room (I think). I haven’t tested my eyesight from there yet but the back of the room is definitely not my favorite. If you’ve tried contacts in the hot room, let me know how it went for you! I’m thinking all the sweat dripping in my eyes will not make for a pleasant experience with Contacts in.

Class 12 was a Power/Yin combination with Maja. Maja is the instructor whose class I find myself in the most! I’ve checked out the schedule and found this to be mostly coincidence as I go to class all sorts of different times 4:00-8:15. Just whichever is most convenient on different days. She also doesn’t teach the same class every day. If you’re checking out the Federal Way Schedule though, I highly recommend her. Love her classes every time!

A recurring theme in my intentions, or better, something that comes up in my mind often during practice is size. Maybe it’s the mirror? But it’s never negative. Some days I feel REALLY BIG. Not fat. Just BIG and POWERFUL. Like an Amazon Woman. I feel Tall and Strong and Thick. Other days, I feel small. tiny even. Not in a bad way. But in a “Blip in the universe” “Butterfly to the Hurricane” sort of way. It’s really interesting going to class, no clue which way my mind will turn in terms of size that day. 

Class 12 was my strongest power class yet! I made it through every posture and pushed hard. My downward dog actually felt relaxing rather than strained. I’m excited to attend another power class soon!

Huge changes 17 days into my challenge: I have WAY more body confidence. Noticeable improvements to my flexibility. I opened the garage door yesterday one-handed. Something I DEFINITELY couldn’t do 17 days ago!

Challenge Day: 17

Number of Classes Attended: 12

Hatha: 7

Vinyasa Flow/Power: 4

Hot Barre: 1

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