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Mud Wall Family Farm | 2018 Round Up



Can you believe it’s already time for a 2018 Round Up Post?!

The batteries are charged, ember mug full, and curling iron heating up. Today marks my last wedding of 2018!

After a CRAZY 2017, 2018 was about recovery, only doing as much as keeps me sharp and learning while spending more time with my family. We definitely did that and I’m so grateful for the time spent relaxing and uncovering the back end of my business.

That being said, I couldn’t believe my numbers when I went to count up my work this year! I photographed 36 portrait sessions (newborn/fresh 48/families/maternity/head-shots), 23 weddings, and 10 engagements/proposals! I can’t believe how many families and couples have invited me into their lives during my recovery year. I have so many new supporters and friends after this year and I love you all. I’m so grateful for the relationships I’ve built and honored to have documented so many more amazing milestones and memories while being given the space to connect more to my role as Momma. 

Whats coming for SJP in 2019? EDUCATION. This Momma is getting a part time “REGULAR” job (for the first time EVER IN MY LIFE) so I can focus on photography school/training’s, invest in gear, and practice a possible shift in style. I’m learning how to better be a business owner and not just a photographer. I feel like I’ve reached a point where I am in the middle of abilities in my field. I am on par with the “average” stats in the Seattle area and—you guessed it—I want to be stronger. The best and fastest way to get there? Invest in education. For 2019, I will be bundled up in my trailer taking notes, on SKYPE mentoring sessions, and out working with models on the regular. Come next Friday, I am closing my wedding bookings for 2019, with the exception of Legacy Clients & Family. This will allow me to permanently fix my calendar/schedule with no surprises next year as I plan my night job work schedule, the kids activities, workshops, and class schedule. Education is the main focus for 2019! 

Thank you so much for our 2018 family photos, Taken by: Bernadette Alicia Photography and edited by Sincerely Jaclynn Photography At Mud Wall Family Farm. We love them so much! Sometimes, I think photographers are the easiest to please for family photos because we know what it’s like being behind the camera. ♥ Smiles don’t tell the entire story, friends.

(If you wonder about Leo’s giant head bandaid, it was protecting a handful of stitches from a week or so prior after falling on a fan plugin (he was running)! It was definitely the scariest day of my year and we’re so grateful for our emergency responders! (his life was never in danger but it was sure scary for this Momma.))

Thank you again for an amazing year! I can’t wait to dive into the books in 2019!

Mud Wall Family Farm

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