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Nomadic Wilkinson’s

Link To: Our last photo in “The Little Brown House” taken around 4am two weeks ago. Announcing our fresh status as the Nomadic Wilkinson’s!

I always get emotional packing up a home. It was a very sweet night remembering the best years of our lives so far under that roof. For many years, we were trained to go from bad to good. “Don’t fix what works.”

In 2015, we moved from “good to better” for the first time. In our experience, it takes even more faith. Good to better to epic to legendary…It’s hard leaving what works to even better but we didn’t come to this world to tread water.

What’s next for this little Wilkinson Family?

In 2014, Clynn & I announced we were going nomadic to the world met by confusion and frustration by much of our friends & family. (Sorry guys. I know we’re weird & confusing sometimes. Love you!) Then, we found out we were expecting James and that adventure was put on the back burner.

Well, we are now done having babies and the boys are finished potty training soooo, it is finally time to revisit the dream!

We do plan on traveling a ton in 2021, but for now, we are bouncing Airbnb’s around WA as we continue to develop the print lab. The studio is staying put & we have several houses, lofts, & hotels booked in Tacoma, Fife, Edgewood, Ocean Shores, Leavenworth, and around Mt. Rainier.

Why?? Whereas I could never put into words all the reasons why this is appealing to us, let me give you a little explanation as to why we choose this. I was once deployed to a third world Country for nearly a year. Clynn was once a Mormon missionary for two years in (very) Northern Canada. Through these unique experiences, we both felt called to minimalism. We hate accumulating too much stuff. We like moving around allot. Whenever family visits our home they get sick of how much we drive, naturally, on a daily basis. We are go-go-goers! ♥

Clynn leaving his job opened us up to so much more location flexibility! If I don’t have a shoot for a week or two, we can go wherever we want! And we do. So why pay rent in multiple places at once every week? We’d rather just stay on the go.

This Wilkinson Fam will stay nomadic so long as it feels right, keeping our eye out for land to buy. Welcome to our greatest adventure yet! For a year or two….or maybe more, we’re the Nomadic Wilkinson’s!

Nomadic Wilkinson’s

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