Pier 57 Proposal

Okay so this is a proposal at Kerry Park with night portraits at Pier 57 Miners Landing following the proposal so I mashed the two places for a title!

My first proposal I documented EVER was at Pier 57 back in 2015 or 2016. I think that was the last time I had a (within the hour) recently engaged couple at Pier 57 to shoot!

Corey and Jillian flew all the way to Seattle from Alabama for a vacation. Jillian is a professional organ player who travels A TON to perform. When I asked how the flight went she mentioned it was her 62nd or 63rd flight of 2019!!! Wow!

Corey is a high school history teacher and coach. He first contacted me about three weeks before their trip to Seattle. I am always so excited to photograph a proposal, I said yes right away!

As the day approached we wondered if there would be any daylight by the time they made it from the airport to the park. I suggested we plan the proposal for their second day in Seattle, but Corey was so ready to be engaged! I can only imagine the nerves. Corey definitely needed to get his carefully kept surprise out of a square box and onto Jillian’s forever-home-hand or he wouldn’t sleep that night.

Their flight was smooth and perfectly on schedule. I’m happy I left for Seattle extra early because we were prepped and ready to pop the question half an hour ahead of our planned meet-up time. When it comes to sunset, 30 minutes makes a huge difference!

We had tentatively planned to shoot in the dark at Pier 57. I was so happy they went for it! I learn more about angles and available light every time I work in the dark in Seattle.

Congratulations, Corey & Jillian!!! I’m so thrilled we got to experience some of Seattle together. Happy wedding planning!

Pier 57 Proposal

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