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Seattle Children’s Federal Way | First ER Visit



Clynn and I experienced our first ever ER visit as parents Friday night. Around 11:30am I was doing laundry around the corner from the living room when I hear Jamie exclaim, “SUPER WHY!!” Followed by a loud THUNK—-followed by more than his usual “I’m hurt” crying. He held his leg in between knee and ankle and cried for about 45 minutes before falling asleep. During the crying I called Clynn to let him know I thought Jamie may have broken his leg. He came home early and we woke up Jamie to see if he had forgotten what had happened as we coaxed him to get up and give Dada a hug. He tried to stand and fell. Upon further questioning, Jamie told us he did a “Spinny Jump” off the arm of the couch. We called his pediatrician who encouraged us to give him some ibuprofen and wait 24 hours since there was no swelling, bruising, or guarding (i.e he let us touch up and down his leg without pulling away).

With Clynn’s grandpa’s funeral the next day, we opted to bring him in when he was still upset and not walking about seven hours later. Watching cartoons definitely did damage they didn’t intend when it comes to doctors visits. Themes where a character has to go to the doctor for a check up and is “scared” only to learn that it’s not scary introduced the concept of being afraid of doctors to him…which I’m not too thrilled about. I wish I could have censored any cartoons related to medical visits and that cartoon writers would start off with characters being excited to play with the toys and get stickers and see all the gadgets rather than telling small children there is ever anything to be afraid of in the first place. After much convincing, ice cream, and the AMAZING employees at Seattle Children’s in Federal Way, Jamie was a TOTAL CHAMP! He saw three different staff members. A nurse, Radiologist, and “Dr. GG”. All of them were so stinking sweet with him, even at the end of their day. We started our appointment at 10:05pm with final emergency visits accepted at 10:30pm.

He loved having his blood pressure checked with the “BIG HUG” arm cuff. Our radiologist explained the “Big Camera” for his X-Ray and suited Clynn up to stand next to him while I got to be in the room behind a protective glass wall. (No, I’m not preggo. Clynn was just already carrying Jamie when we walked in! They let either of us be the one to stand next to him!) He exclaimed loudly “CHEEEESE!!!” For each of the three frames taken and got extra stickers. I couldn’t believe how good he was with every request given him.

I am happy knowing we live so close to Seattle Children’s in Federal Way and that Jamie will be familiar with the area if we go back. If you need an emergency visit I highly recommend taking the trip! They’re right in between Olive Garden and Hobby Lobby if you know the area!

It turns out–the X-Rays were clean. No broken leg. We think he may have pulled a muscle or sprained something. It has been three days since the event now, and he’s still not bearing any weight on the leg. We were requested to come back if he hasn’t improved in a week so they can take another look. The last three nights were lots of crying and trying to get comfortable. He’s off the ibuprofen during the day but we give him a dose at night as the pain seems to be more apparent for him as he’s trying to fall asleep or when he wakes up crying at 2am… It’s frustrating not knowing exactly what’s wrong or how long it will be before he’s sleeping comfortably and playing outside again. Fingers crossed he’s back to his usual self very soon!


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Seattle Children’s Federal Way | Our First ER Visit

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  1. Sandy says:

    So glad everything turned out okay.

    • Jaclynn Wilkinson says:

      Thank you, Sandy! He’s still on the mend, but hopefully he learned to be a little more careful!


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