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Hot Yoga 90 Days Renewed | 1 of 90



In about fifteen minutes I will hop in my little car and begin a new journey. A new chapter. Or perhaps….a new look at a previous chapter.

You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again. 2018 is all about recovery for this little Wilkinson family. We’ve spent the last five and half months resting, revamping, focusing on Clynn’s career, and scoping out education for SJP. I’ve spent more time with the boys and loving on my hubby. We’ve had weekends away accompanied by long conversations about where we’re headed as a family. We are recovering from the chaos that was 2017. Oh boy does it feel great to make and follow through with a new years resolution! I’ve gotten used to saying no, so I can say yes to my family and personal health.

You may have seen in the “Meet Jaclynn” section how I’ve expressed my love for Hot Yoga. Before I deployed in 2013 I was attending classes at my local hot yoga studio 4-5 times a week (sometimes twice a day) with the intention of taking courses to become an instructor. During my deployment I lead a yoga class at our base gym after realizing I had committed the Hatha routine to heart. I came back and other ventures had hopped in the way with the school I wanted to attend being out of reach. Regardless of circumstance, Bikram had become a part of me.

Growing up, people often looked at my body and assumed I was highly physically capable….truth is I ran like a sloth, had dizzy spells every time I stood up, and binge ate peanut butter brownie sandwiches every day after school. It wasn’t until I picked up soccer my senior year and was running every spare moment I had that I felt “Fit” for the first time in my life…perhaps I should mention I was the only senior on Junior Varsity as well. I loved sports! But was definitely never “naturally athletic”. The thought makes me laugh really…. Competitive? Yes. Athletic? eeeh–debatable.

Bikram on the other hand…now that was something I excelled at pretty quickly.

What kept me away for so long? Easy. The price and the distance. I have attended many hot yoga studios in the last eight years. About 8-9 different locations. BUT one stood out as my favorite by far. The teachers spoke to my heart. The heat was the most intense. The students were the most focused. The Hot Yoga Inc. Chain studios were always my favorite.

I currently live about a 20-30 minute drive from the nearest studio during the time I am able to attend class. An hour of driving, 15 minutes of pre and post class prep/wind down, an hour of class….we’re looking at about a 2.5 hour commitment. If you’re curious about price you can click the link above….it’s not pretty. But it’s worth it for the committed.

As a steadily rising luxury wedding photographer I know the psychology behind that kind of pricing. Charging students an amount that is a clear sacrifice for our local demographic means the people who show up are more dedicated to their practice and trust the teachers 110%. You have to when making that sort of sacrifice.

So I waited as long as I could justify. Being away from the mat in my favorite studio sucked. Any other sort of exercise felt like drinking a milk shake when my body wanted fress-pressed juice. This is what aligns with me and I’m so excited to finally be in a place to make it a priority again.

So here I am. Committing to 90 classes in 90 days. 90 Mini-Blog Diaries to keep me focused. I won’t always share these blog posts, but they’ll be here! It’s time for another shift.

Hot Yoga 90 Days Renewed

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