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Alright guys. I have to let you know off the bat, this is not an engagement session but hopefully these two will be back some day with a ring. 😉 Ben and Lindsay’s couple’s session at Seattle Discovery Park was also Lindsay’s senior portrait session.

I hardly know Lindsay but I am so proud of her!

I have two little sisters and she reminded me of them. She only needed a couple more credits to graduate at the beginning of her senior year. She decided to take matters into her own hands, enroll in an online public school, get her two credits, a diploma, and get started with her life! I really admire that!

There is something to be said for being a kid and not rushing life, and there’s something to be said for “the system” wasting your time. When you know, you know. CONGRATULATIONS to this over achiever genius. Congratulations, Lindsay!!

Ben is going through training to be a security guard at a detention center and Lindsay is hopefully going to spend some time relaxing after a long 12 years in the public school system while pursuing a potential career as a 911 operator.

They’ve been together just short of a year and were so fun to work with. They worked together so naturally and I think we did a really great job modifying my typical engagement photography to be relationship-stage-appropriate! ♥ What do you think?

I would like to take a side moment to talk about the photographer community out shooting at the Seattle Discovery Park. You all ROCK. We probably walked by four or five other couples and families with their professional photographer’s. We all just act like we know each other! I suppose it’s because, in a way, we all kind of do. All of the photographer’s were so kind. I was very impressed with every single pleasant greeting and eye contact in passing filled with nothing but support. If you go to shoot at Discovery Park in Seattle, expect to keep this going. I love it.

One last CONGRATULATIONS to Lindsay and Ben as they start living life as two graduated adults! GOOD LUCK. MUCH LOVE. HAVE A BLAST. Freedom is seriously the best if you choose to chase it.

Seattle Discovery Park

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