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Top Three Washington Wedding Venues



Clynn and I have been active wedding photographers for over three years now! With over 70 weddings documented, I am blown away at how many wedding venues are in Washington State. I’ve only repeated venues two or three times and there are so many venues I’ve yet to visit. Options are surly not limited here in the Pacific Northwest.

Clynn 100% agrees with my top two! Number three, he has yet to visit, but I am solid on its position. I am so excited to share my Top Three Washington Wedding Venues! The list may change next year, but for now, these are definitely our top picks!

NOTE: I am not (currently) a “preferred vendor” at any of these venues. These are my honest and unbiased opinions on the dozens of venues I’ve visited! If you are shopping around for a wedding venue, don’t hesitate to contact me! These are my top three, but I can instantly think of my top 10-15!

1.) Laurel Creek Manor in Sumner, Washington.

This is mine and Clynn’s #1 favorite wedding venue! The staff is insanely kind. Kirsten is the most calming magical presence of any venue coordinator I’ve met. She does not hover but I could always find her within a few minutes.

The bridal suite is beautiful and cozy. This venue provides the option for firework shows making for a great surprise for wedding guests or a surprise gift to the couple. Most importantly, each location is close and allows for seamless transition from one moment to the next. With a separate area for the ceremony, dancing, and dining, everything can be set and ready the moment festivities begin.

The bar area is set a few steps above the dance floor allowing for an incredibly family friendly experience because the adults can always see it and the kids don’t notice it! The layout allows for gorgeous bridal portraits just feet away from guests while still allowing for intimate moments. A blanket of twinkle lights span the dance floor. The layout is insanely efficient leaving little question for what vendor will set up where with ample room for everyone. If Clynn and I needed to select our own venue now, this would likely be the one!

2.) The Five2Five in Buckley, Washington.

This is a BRAND NEW venue to Washington. Clynn and I are so happy we photographed a wedding here their first wedding season! This is a family owned and ran establishment and boy do they know what they’re doing already!

The setting is beautiful, both indoor and outdoor. Accommodations are far more comfortable outdoor for a large wedding and indoors is perfect for a more intimate ceremony. This makes the venue perfect for large summer/early fall weddings and smaller winter events.

They have a LARGE white tent for dinner so meal plans can remain the same no matter the weather. A pebble fireplace spans from floor to ceiling and the outdoor arbor has too many useful features to count. (one of which includes a large detachable porch swing). The venue is an old converted chapel they have renovated to perfection. It has a homey feel with spectacular landscaping.

They have an awesome set-up for a grooms-suite that is entirely fenced off so you never have to worry about the groom seeing the bride before the ceremony!

Most importantly, the isle is long which I love. Far too often, brides fantasize the moment of “walking down the isle” only to select a venue that allows that moment to last a few seconds with wide guest seating and a short isle. A long isle really allows guests and my couples to soak that iconic moment in.

3.) The Orchard at Sunshine Hill Chehalis, Washington

Can you say PRIVACY?! This venue is tucked away on several acres. I think it’s the perfect amount of “out of the way” for friends and family to feel as if they’ve escaped every day life for your special day.

The bridal suite is a cute little cabin. A beautiful high rise covering hosts the ceremony and later, dancing. The walk from parking to ceremony is essentially nonexistent but the experience is perfect. Guests walk through large double sliding doors that separate cars from the party so you never have cars in the background of photos.

Dozens of apple trees create a grove type feeling where tables are set for dinner away from the dance floor. At night, the entire place sparkles with thousands of twinkle lights that make you want to stay until sunrise. A covered large fire pit invites s’mores and fireside relaxing for the late-stayers.

They have the fanciest mobile bathroom set up I have ever seen, also set out of site from photos! The sound system is great and they also offer in-house DJ services!

Top Three Washington Wedding Venues

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