Faith Presbyterian Church | Tacoma, Washington

Piper and Josh came all the way from Arizona to spend their wedding day with their closest friends and family. Both of them are attending college in Arizona. Piper for pediatric physical therapy and Josh to become a youth pastor. The Faith Presbyterian Church in Tacoma, Washington was Piper’s first pick, but she didn’t tell me why. It only took half a second of standing in the chapel to realize it was the obvious #1 choice and I’m so happy she got the slot! Natural light spilled through giant windows onto traditional pews, a balcony, golden chandeliers, and a warm pink ceiling. I will do the HAPPIEST dance if I ever get the privilege to photograph another wedding in this stunning traditional chapel!

Their officiant was Piper’s bible teacher growing up and I could tell he was so filled with love to be the one to marry Piper and Josh. Their family was so sweet and supportive. This group of friends is SO tight. Groomsmen photos were nearly effortless as the guys horsed around and had fun. It was like working with a massive group of brothers. The reception was simple and lovely. Many friends shared toasts and stories. The cake was AMAZING and made by a friend of the family. Piper planned every detail so beautifully.

One of the groomsmen played the piano and sang a song for their bubble exit that trailed from the reception hall all the way to their car.

This blog post will forever be a shining example of WHY you might want two photographers even if you aren’t having a massive wedding party. Clynn was able to get so much variety by working up on the balcony while I was down with the ceremony. Congratulations, Piper and Josh! Clynn and I were so happy to spend the day documenting this day with you and your families. The ceremony was beautiful and I just know your marriage will be too. ‚ô•

Faith Presbyterian Church Tacoma Washington

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