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Tulalip Resort Review



Feel free to skim this Tulalip Resort Review for parts that interest you!

It’s been a minute (a few months) since I’ve stayed at the Tulalip Resort but it has certainly been one of my favorites over the last year. We’ve stayed an accumulative 1-2 months over the last year because we love it so much. Because of the recession/state of the world in our country, certain activities or services may be periodically revoked here and there but here’s what we have experienced.

These might just be the nicest hotel rooms we’ve found in the state. Top three ABSOLUTELY. We have stayed in their basic rooms to the Orca Suite and everything in-between. The Orca Suite is the nicest room we’ve ever stayed in (like ever ever) even though we’ve had many suites that are larger in size. The quality is amazing. P.S. the small cost of the room upgrade from a “Deluxe” room to a “Resort” room is worth the upgrade! Some places, the upgrade isn’t worth the cost. Here, it is. Either way, the experience is great.

We love the bougie bathrooms and floor to ceiling windows in the Resort rooms.

This resort also neighbors the Seattle Premium Outlets. This is our favorite place to shop high end brands. We highly recommend a trip for black Friday weekend!

If a couple asked me where to go for a fun local romantic getaway, I would recommend the Tulalip Resort first.

There are a handful of restaurants here. The notable ones (in my opinion) are Cedars Cafè, Blazing Paddles, Blackfish, and Journey’s East. All restaurants do “to-go” orders if you want to take it up to enjoy in your room.

Families can eat at all restaurants except blazing paddles which doesn’t really have a sit down area. Children are aloud in the gaming area so long as they are accompanied by an adult, coming or going to a restaurant, and stay on marked areas of the carpet. We only take the boys to Cedars Cafè because its the least hassle.

Cedars Cafè is where room service comes from as well as the cafè you’ll see from the check in desk. We love their french toast and they make a decent benedict. I would say their quality is pretty low but a delicious elevated ihop experience that’s very family friendly.

Blazing Paddles has GREAT woodfire pizza. I recommend The Salmonator and the Cinnalicious.

Blackfish is the fanciest restaurant in the building. Beautiful food with the best beer and wine options at the resort. I’m only partially through their menu but my favorites have been the smoked salmon plank flight, walla walla onion soup, and the Dungeness crab mac & cheese. (However, I know where you can get even better crab mac & cheese about 25 minutes north of Tulalip if you’re a mac and cheese connoisseur. Just ask! Their’s is still really good though.)

I frequent Journey’s East the most. The Thai Iced Tea is DELICIOUS. There is half and half in it which I make a rare animal dairy exception for. I have had most of their menu and all of their sushi. My go-to order at this point is the Green Curry Chicken but with Tofu instead of chicken. It’s my favorite! The Pad Thai is also delicious. The Barbie & Monster Roll is my favorite sushi here but I’m splurgy with my sushi. 😉

The indoor Pool & Hot Tub is the most fun resort pool we’ve been to in Washington. The photo I have here does not do it justice. It’s naturally lit with a tall tall glass ceiling, water fall, and is huge. We used to schedule our pool time the same time we made our hotel reservation as pool appointments fill up quickly. Last we checked, you can make one pool appointment per hotel reservation (not per day). If you want to go to the pool more than once, separate your reservation and switch rooms part way through your stay for another pool appointment. 😉 When we were there they’d allow two families to make an appointment at a time and the other family didn’t show up half the time. They may be open to whenever-you’d-like walk ins by now, you’ll have to call and see.

They do have a spa! However, they are only open certain days of the week and their schedule fills up quickly. Do not expect to check in and make a spa appointment for that evening when you get there. You will need to reserve your spa appointment 2-3 weeks ahead of time to be sure you can get in. I haven’t been yet for this reason. We never know where we’ll be that far in advance. haha If you go, let me know how it is!

They decorate BEAUTIFULLY for the Holiday season which is coming up! A great holiday vacation destination.

I didn’t take photos specific for this review. Below are just a handful of photos I took their randomly. View THEIR WEBSITE for more photos. Their website is also where you will find the best deals. Check periodically for sales on hotel rooms! We find great deals once in a while.

Comment below if you have any questions or anything to add!

Tulalip Resort Review

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