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One Year Nomadic



TODAY is our ONE YEAR NOMADIC anniversary!!! One year ago today, the boys said goodbye to the little brown house and entered our first Airbnb. We’ve been on the road ever since.

Two weeks later, we shared the news with the world in a post titled “Nomadic Wilkinson’s”. That blog post explained our mentality going into this adventure.

Over the course of a year, we have a lot more clarity on living this lifestyle. We know why we stay this way, the easy parts, the hard parts, and where we are headed. Going into it all, I honestly thought we’d last 3-6 months.

One year later, I can’t imagine settling into a location longer than a few weeks.

I do hope, one day, the boys will attend a traditional school with their peers. However, I will not allow it until they are old enough. I want them to be large enough to stand up for themselves. No one can physically force a 15 year old boy to follow them to the office. I want them to have the freedom to leave when they feel uncomfortable in any situation.

Late July we purchased a “fixer upper” large Class A RV. Mid August, we drove it across the mountains to my parents in Eastern Washington. It died as we pulled in their drive way and it went in for repairs. A lot of repairs as it will be three months before work is complete. We hope to get it back from the shop within the next couple weeks.

Whereas we only were able to enjoy it for a short time, it gave us a firm sense of stability and allowed for more routine with the boys. Having the RV also lowered our living expenses DRASTICALLY causing the idea of life on the road to feel even more manageable long term. We are so excited to get it back but enjoying resort life in the meantime. No one likes to settle into “the grass is greener” mentality and risk losing the joys of today.

“Best Part of being nomadic you didn’t expect”:

I did expect that what I wanted was the people I gave money to, the people I worked hard to provide for, would be grateful for the rent. The landlord was never grateful when I paid rent. They spoke to me as a lesser. Not that they were grateful I was feeding their family. What I didn’t expect is the magnitude it would positively effect me when my “landlord” instead of being rude to me, hired a staff of people to gratefully serve me. To say “Thank you, have a nice day.” To say “Good to see you again mister Wilkinson.” To say, “Can I get you anything?” To ask, “How is everything?”. Also, SECURITY. In todays world I so much appreciate the security guards, cameras, protocols between the outside world and my front door, where my kids are. All services you do not get from your landlord or bank.


I’ll second Clynn on Customer Service. My money goes toward companies that thrive on serving and making me feel comfortable rather than companies or landlords that feel they are providing me a privilege I must be worthy of. If someone knocks on my door, ever, there is an 80% chance it’s to ask me if I need anything and a 20% chance they would like the boys to quiet down. It’s never about my lawn or a car or an inspection or a salesmen or the water company or the electricity company or a rude neighbor. The people surrounding us are on vacation and arrive with the expectation to have fun and unwind. Those are the people we get to be around every day.


You get to see a lot of stuff that you never even saw before. I like resorts because it’s like a house with many other mini houses. I like that they have soap and water because then I can but them both in a cup and use it to make bubbles with my hands. There are a lot of challenges and things to do.


Well. The only thing that I like is POOOOLS! and the Arcades. And Room Service. Okay, and that’s all.


“Worst Part of a Nomadic Lifestyle you didn’t expect”:

How hard it is to keep my phone charged.


How hard it is to keep the kids quiet. In a house your kids can yell and no one really cares. In hotels and resorts I am CONSTANTLY reminding the children to quiet down so we don’t get a call from the front desk. We take them to the pool and do our best to ware them out but for two little boys they are SO LOUD. When they cry or throw a fit, we can’t send them anywhere or get away. We have to be within 400 square feet of them with only one adult getting a break from the noise at a time. It’s also really hard not having a designated place for children to eat & keeping the floors from getting crummy and embarrassingly messy before a maid can make it in to vacuum.


That it’s so little and annoying with so many people in it. It’s too noisy to talk sometimes. We get no space. We stay together every second.


Just go stuff your face with candy. You deserve it. Nothing.


How much longer do you think we’ll be nomadic if you had to guess?

“Indefinitely. I’ll never look at where I live, the “House” I’m in the same way. I so subtly and much connected my identity to my house or apartment. For example, at work I could be in my mind mowing my lawn or I could be mowing the lawn and in my mind knowing the table and couch in the other room are my responsibility. All that’s gone when we move our physical location often. None of the things are mine or my responsibility which focuses my mind and my energy on my physical vessel. What I actually AM. It’s not a huge percentage of my mind that has been recaptured but it is a significant portion of my mind that is now focused on what I am.

Therefore, I will never have a “this is my house”. I will always purchase housing where it’s convenient. I don’t like driving. If I’m working somewhere I will rent something within walking distance. Having the ability to change that over night gives me significant opportunity. Because I can live in Everett this week and live in Olympia next week I can take better advantage of the opportunities that there are. I can’t ever imagine giving up that advantage for the emotional baggage of having a house.


Probably two to five more years. I imagine we’ll settle in another country with a massive plot of land and homestead by the time the kids are preteens. View blog post “The Best Day”. I still have that vision.


A gazillion gillion million billion years. Forever. We’re smart people.


Maybe ten hours.


What would you say to a small family or couple considering this lifestyle?

YOLO, Bitch. This is what I wanted. I can guarantee my lifestyle will not work for anyone reading this. Because I’m me and you’re you. We’re different. I can guarantee, that anyone reading this has more opportunity to step into the unknown courageously to their ultimate benefit. So no. Don’t do what I do. You’re not me. However, you go do fucking you, the you no one else can be.


It’s so much more expensive than we imagined. An RV is the way to go with limited cash flow. I think we would have been a lot more comfortable if we had decided to buy an RV sooner. Ultimately, I’m grateful for the way everything is going down for different pros and cons but if I had it to over, that’s something I would have pushed for sooner. Also, it’s not as scary as you may think! You are likely capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Everyone’s comfort zone is “sameness”. It’s EASY to do the most safe thing…but that will never be where growth resides. Fighting for more freedom will always be a worthwhile fight.


We will be the same. We just might see each other. You would be a smart explorer.


I don’t know. Okay and that’s all.


One Year Nomadic

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