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Twilight Wedding Five2Five



These are a handful of Twilight Wedding images from the Fall Warmth Styled Shoot at The Five2Five that was featured on Seattle Bride Magazine’s Website!

I saved a special blog post, just for them, because they are so unique to my portfolio.

I’ve always wanted to try photographing a wedding ceremony immediately following sunset and have wanted to encourage some of my couple’s to have a twilight ceremony! However, I was afraid to because, before this styled shoot, I had never actually tried. Now, I have images to show for it!

I think a twilight ceremony is a WONDERFUL option!!

Why? Oh, let me tell you. I’ve prepared a list. Ah. Hem.

1.) Enjoy Your FULL WEDDING DAY!!!

2.) Start the day with a brunch wedding day party.

3.) Have a family friendly day, Ceremony in the evening, then put the kids to bed and have an adult party AFTER the ceremony!

4.) Peep those post-sunset colors.. Pinks, Purples, and Oranges are most saturated immediately AFTER the sun has set in the sky!

5.) Plan a full day of fun & memories before the ceremony AND a party after. Don’t end your wedding day wondering what happened because everything happened in a whirlwind.

6.) Get ready Calm & Slowly. No need to wake up at 6:00am for hair & makeup.




Is that enough? Let me know and I’ll send you more. I would LOVE to photograph more twilight wedding ceremonies!

Another word for Twilight is “Blue Hour”. The hour immediately following sunset.

DISCLAIMER: Only hire a wedding photographer experienced with this sort of ceremony. The light can be very difficult for new photographers. If you’re on a tight photography budget, ask for hourly coverage from a high end photographer or stick with daylight!

Thank you so much to The Five2Five for setting up these beautiful macramé swings, backdrop, twinkle lights and all other vendors who helped this vision come to life for beautiful photographs!


Twilight Wedding Five2Five

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