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Washington Golf Course Wedding



Della and Jim had a beautiful family and friends wedding celebration in Monroe, Washington at the Blue Boy West Golf Course.

Check out another wedding I’ve photographed at this location HERE!

There was so much delicious food and hours of dancing! Jim had commissioned a dance to propose to Della. At the reception, he taught the dance to guests so every one could dance it together. After the proposal dance, a small handful of easy fun group dances were instructed to guests by a friend. A handful of guests were experienced Step Dancers and many were new! Every one had so much fun learning and dancing together.

After some dancing, every one sat down together for food and toasts. Della’s children gave the most beautiful heart felt speeches along with a few close friends.

After, we danced and celebrated into the dark. I loved working with this family so much and can’t wait to see their album completed and delivered very soon.

As with all Rona rescheduled events, I am so so happy and relieved we were finally supported in gathering and celebrating love once again!

Washington Golf Course Wedding

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