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What do you want?



There are so many business classes out there that tell you to write down a mission statement. I’ve even been to workshops where they pause a room of 500+ people to have them all think of one and write it down for 20 minutes…Well. In my five years of experience in Entrepreneurship, I have learned this approach to be a long shot.

That kind of inspiration comes when it is supposed to. It can not be forced. Knowing your mission statement in business will slowly change form and grow as you go. ESPECIALLY in your first decade.

One of my favorite things to say and remember is, “I don’t know what I don’t know”. or, “I’m so frustrated because I know EXACTLY what I don’t know.” or, “They just don’t know what they don’t know yet.”

Example “They don’t know what they don’t know yet.”: A photographer saying flash photography isn’t “their style” because they don’t understand flash yet….they don’t know what they don’t know. Which is that, with enough practice, flash can look like anything you want it to look like.

Example “I’m so frustrated because I know EXACTLY what I don’t know.”: Knowing it’s possible to eliminate a shadow with flash but not knowing what angles or strength will eliminate it.

Example “I don’t know what I don’t know”: I’m trying something new with NO CLUE what hurdles will come my way.

I find myself using this phrase allot the last few months. In building your company’s mission statement, you must wait to be inspired. You must allow for shift when you learn something you didn’t know, or learn OF something you don’t know. There are SO MANY UNKNOWNS! Sure, write something willy-nilly that will help you in the now, but know. When something is ready to flow through you, it will.

Every day, I start the journaling portion of my meditation with this. “Jaclynn, what do you want?” (I believe I can have ANYTHING I truly desire EVER DAY. So, I start with this question. Then, see how I can make said thing happen that day. It’s magic and I highly recommend it.) Usually, I write something like, “An expensive gorgeous looking cocktail with a beach view while I work.” Sounds luxurious, hu? It’s a $15 request to live that dream here in Washington. So I indulge to show myself I can have whatever I want! Some days, it’s a Lattè or a cookie….let’s be honest. It’s usually food related. hahaha (50% of the time anyway).

Well. On January 9, 2020, THIS is how I answered the question.

Jaclynn, what do you want?

I want to create meaningful art that makes a difference in people’s relationships. We might all live on our own mountain, but we are pack animals. I want to help bridge that gap that can be so hard. I want people to be more in love after seeing my work.

Journal entry Jan 9, 2020 – Jaclynn Wilkinson

Yes. Right now, in 2020. That’s what I want.

What do you want?

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  1. Alexandra Carlton says:

    But if it’s food related you can never not be happy about that 😉
    Love seeing your business progress and updates on what changes you’re accepting I to your life and business ventures, so insiring Jaclynn!


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