Salvaged Materials Studio

This Studio in Seattle, Washington known lovingly as “My Little White House” is one of my favorite places to shoot. The Salvaged Materials Studio and tiny event venue was made by hand by Daniel Blagovich.

The first time I saw this studio was on Pinterest. I loved it, and moved on…having no clue it was located in Seattle! I forget when I first discovered it was in Seattle, but it was almost a year after I did that I had Aaron and Shelbi there for their styled maternity shoot! This studio was on my “shoot recommendations” list for a year before they picked it up! About a year later, I returned with Jordain and Andy for theirs! ♥

I’m waiting on my first engagement session or small event at this location…will it be you?!

When Jordain and Andy showed up for their session, it was right before a bridal shower. The event designers (who I think may have actually been the owners) had already set up a beautiful table and place setting for the event. I snapped a few photos of it during Jordain & Andy’s outfit change, pictured below!

This Salvaged Material Studio is such a dreamy location for a summer elopement, baby shower, or bridal shower.

See Daniel’s touching “About” video.

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Salvaged Materials Studio

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