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Why YOU might want to join an MLM



Do I think Maskcara was the magic ingredient to finding more in life? NOPE. But here are a few reasons why YOU might want to join an MLM.

☕️It was the act of committing to something new.

☕️Something that started with an investment that made me feel more committed to showing up.

☕️It was allowing myself to explore something for the fun of it,

☕️ and finding a tribe to hold me a little more accountable.

When I started with Maskcara my WHY was to live a more balanced life for my husband and boys. I found myself working for my photography business non stop and struggled thinking of anything else.

Now, I read books. I go on adventures with my family sans phone. I take better care of myself. I purchased and began restoring a vintage camping trailer. I got back into Hot Yoga. Clynn and I find ourselves in the mountains nearly every week…just because we love it there. I started dressing in ways that better represent myself (rather than spending every cent of fun money on fancy coffee or business). And I started a lady-helping side hustle!

Maskcara was the kick I needed. The Starting line to finding more. An intentional act towards what I knew my family needed from me that set off a series of other events.

I know I’m weird in the way I fixate on things. Leave it up to 12-18 year old Jackie to play the same progression of seven notes of music for four hours at a time…so I know few people can relate to my WHY thoroughly.

But we can all relate to trying to improve ourselves for ourselves and the ones we love most. There are multi level marketing companies (aka built in support) for exercise, eating healthy, makeup, better skin care, better hair care, jewelry, clothes, fingernail art, organization, relaxation/general health support, and so much more. What area in your life would you like to improve on?

So commit to something new. Make an investment within your means but that made you feel a stretch, be sure it’s something FUN and allow yourself room to grow, and lastly, find an accountability group/partner who you know won’t back down.

Why YOU might want to join an MLM

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