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2019 | It’s Like Grad School



Happy New Year Friends, Brides, Brides-To-Be, Mom and Grandma! 😉 I am so so stinking excited about what is to come this year. I am working full time at Taco Time to 100% fund my education as a Fine Art Wedding Photographer. Every month, I will have education goals and be sharing who I am studying under.

2015: SJP Was Born. I spent the year wanting to throw my laptop across the room and torch my camera as I learned the ins and outs of the digital photography world.
2016: I figured out a formula to book as many weddings as I wanted and got to work doing exactly that.
2017: …I learned what it felt like to be OVERBOOKED OVERWORKED and UNDERVALUED.
2018: I recovered from 2017. Started a few intensive photography classes. Photographed 23 weddings and learned what a comfortable schedule felt like for me and my family. I looked up from my laptop and noticed I wasn’t in the “style” of photography I wanted to be in.
2019: Decided to “go back to school” to become the best damn fine art wedding photographer you’ve ever met.

January Education Goals & Classes:

My main focus for January is completing all of the education I’ve already invested in. This month I will be influenced by:

Katelyn James

KJ All Access. I will be discontinuing my subscription with this at the end of the month!

I have found my desire to be influenced by a different approach to wedding photography.

Amy & Jordan Demos 

Posing Course. I’ve completed about 90% of this course so I just need to circle around to the end.

Kylee Ann Studios

Currently in 90 Days of Marketing. Need to circle back to review updates to the Complete Marketing Course.

Justin & Mary

Black & White Editing/Working with their Monochrome Collection. I am about 60% through the J&M Lighting Course.

It was this course that made me realize the difference between where I am, and where I want to be with clear vision. 

Getting a little balsy here but (seo) watch me become…

The Best Tacoma Wedding Photographer

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