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Hot Yoga 90 Days Renewed | 5 of 90



I. Am. Beautiful.

Class 5’s intention. And it was amazing. This is an intention I’ve used a few times way back in the day and it’s so powerful. Every time I change postures I breathe with the thought, “I am Beautiful”. I stay focused and each posture becomes more confident and I begin to believe myself more and more. By the end of class, during spine strengthening, I find myself seeing the beauty in every one else, too. People I don’t even know. This is a powerful intention that is so great no matter where I find myself in my practice.

This was my third Hatha class since I started the challenge. I finally made it through every posture in the series without needing an unscheduled break! WOO!!!

Fun Note: The more you go to the hot room, the better your body sweats. Every time I go, I sweat more and faster than the time before. Your body gets better at regulating its temperature with sweat. This may be gross to some, but it feels SO GOOD to just release so much and to see and feel your body’s confidence that is physical rather than mental. Seeing the beads develop on my legs in seconds that used to take minutes tells me my body knows what it’s doing before my mind does. 

Challenge Day: 5

Number of Classes Attended: 5

Hatha: 3

Vinyasa Flow: 2

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