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I am so excited to be doing more shoots as a Lake Cushman Photographer this year! This location is jaw dropping, cleansing, awe inspiring. I will love shooting here forever!

Sincerely, The Seasons consists of beginner-intermediate photographers coming together at various locations in Washington State approximately one month before the turn of a new season.

Together, we have open discussions, Q&A, and EPIC styled shoots to give local photographers & wedding vendors the opportunity to practice new techniques, try out new gear, enhance their seasonal portfolio, work with local vendors, and learn in a safe environment. Local vendors are given the opportunity to donate their services for creative exercise, attract their ideal client with their favorite type of service, and receive updated images from Sincerely Jaclynn Photography for personal and commercial purposes.

Due to Requirements in my personal development as a photographer, I am taking a couple seasons off for education courses and we will be back Spring 2019! REGISTER EARLY BIRD PRICING HERE. Contact SJP if interested in becoming a vendor!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, all Seven of us met up at Hoodsport Coffee Company. We got to know each other a little and went over our goals for the shoot. Some goals mentioned were Detail Images, Posing, Night Photography, Videography, Communicating with the couple, and flattering the body through posing. We then made the 30 minute convoy into Lake Cushman to meet Clynn (my husband!) at our first location! The theme for our summer shoot was “Romantic Boho Pic-nic”. We split up into groups. One group worked with the couple while the other worked with details. Then, we’d reverse roles. After taking some split time we all come together for the live-time shoot where we ask our couple to do something in real time as if we were photographing an event. Given the setting and our group of photographers, we still took our time with this portion and practiced different posing and taking turns as each photographer got in close for their visions. We practiced posing flow and shared our different approach with camera settings and lenses.

After our first location, we headed to our second. We were so lucky to have the space to ourselves as just hours before it was crawling with 100-200 people celebrating the holiday weekend! We definitely made the right call to come back to it later on and I’m so happy we had all the open space we could have ever asked for given the time of month! We then practiced posing individually taking turns with just Breanna then just Brandon.

Thank you so much to everyone for coming out! We had so much fun talking photography, business, marketing, technical approaches and more. I loved getting to know you all and can’t wait for our next gathering! View vendors and participating photographer’s below!


(All photos in blog post belong to Sincerely Jaclynn Photography)

Sincerely Jaclynn Photography LLC

Amanda Stabbert Photography

Photos by Tyson & Tessa

Jennifer Lukes Photography

Cindy Richey Photography


Hair & Makeup: Love Your Haiir Co.

Pic-Nic Blankets: Popular Handicrafts

Pies: The Back Door Bakery

Gluten Free Cookies: Glutenetto Shop

Cheeses & Charcuterie: Trader Joe

Lake Cushman Photographer

View Sincerely The Seasons Spring 2017

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    These are fantastic! I love all of the details. <3


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