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Cedar Springs Port Orchard

I was so excited when I pulled up to Cedar Springs in Port Orchard for Carolina and Victor’s wedding last month! I had photographed a wedding at Cedar Springs before, but not as the lead photographer. About three years ago a photographer friend of mine reached out to see if I would assist her at a wedding here. As her second that day, I got to explore the venue and get to know it without the pressure of being lead. I quickly realized Cedar Springs was one of my favorite wedding venues yet!

The layout is so fun and sets you up for an intimate wedding, while still having plenty of room and variety. They have multiple bridges, a canoe on the water for the couple to do photos, beautiful landscape, and have a great emphasis on DANCING if you know your crowd will want to do allot of that!

Oh boy did this group love to dance (and they’re good at it, too!). I asked Carolina at the end of the day, “How do ALL of the men in your family know how to dance? Is it a part of your family culture to take dance lessons or are they just born dancing like this?!” She laughed and said something along the lines of, “We just do. It’s a part of our DNA!” It’s good I didn’t know this until my late 20’s or I probably would have married into a Hispanic Family just for the dancing!

We had a beautiful Covid-Compliant ceremony at a nearby chapel. It wasn’t the Catholic Chapel Carolina had envisioned, but it was so beautiful just the same. I’m looking forward to a few more Catholic Chapel Ceremonies this year. I love long ceremonies. They give me time to be creative. In a ten minute ceremony, there is only time for the “must have” shots. I know it can be hard to be the center of attention for a long ceremony. However, Catholic wedding ceremonies do a great job of divvying the attention among friends and family throughout the hour.

Thank you so much to Carolina, Victor, the wedding party, and your families for being so great to work with a few weeks ago. I am so in love with your photos and was thrilled to hear you are too! ♥


Cedar Springs Port Orchard

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