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I have been an Edgewood, Washington Photographer for one full year now!

To be honest, being a photographer registered in Edgewood hasn’t been the easiest. The city your business is registered in makes Search Engine Optimization (showing up on Google) for that city much easier. If I were registered in a bigger city like Seattle or Tacoma, I believe it would expedite SJP’s growth.

Although, I’ve made the most of it! The exchange for raising these cute boys in a little town with a private garden for a back yard is so worth it.

We have loved every minute of our year as Edgewood residents and living in our first HOUSE as a family! It feels like home ten million percent. We plan to stay put a few more years. ♥

A few times a week, Clynn and I have made a habit of repeating:

I love our home.”

“Me, too.”

Our plans for the future include purchasing a large plot of land and building our dream home. You can follow along on Pinterest to see the inspiration we are adding to weekly! Lots of A-Frames and tiny home living.

Ever since I returned from my deployment to Central America and threw out 12 (or so) industrial sized garbage bags of “stuff” that made my stomach turn with unnecessary excess (culture shock you could call it), Clynn and I have truly been “minimalists”. People often ask, “Just moved in?” when they come to our house. We always laugh. Nope, we just don’t like excess.

Our idea of a dream home is a small A Frame in the woods with private sections on the property for working, gaming, bathing, and meditating. We love drawing up plans on our dates. They’re always shifting just a little so I can’t wait to see where we’re living in five years!

Until then, we are so content and happy in our “Little Brown House in Hedgwood Washington Avenue Bavenue”. (As Jamie likes to say). This is the first home our boys will remember when thinking of their childhood! We’re pretty proud of all it has provided us. ♥

Thank you, Little Brown House.

Edgewood Washingon Photographer

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