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Good morning, and HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I just had my first wedding of the year on Thursday and it was the most amazing experience. I am SO EXCITED to keep learning with SJP and continue to serve my brides with the balance of Sincerely Jaclynn Beauty keeping my obsessive nature more…well rounded. ♥

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The Sincerely Jaclynn Beauty Team GREW last month!!! We now have a team of THREE (WELCOME DEANNA!) and are ALL headed to Nashville NEXT MONTH to up our makeup skills, have a girls trip, obtain new tools for our businesses and get creative. I am so excited to visit somewhere new and have girlfriends to travel with! Follow the journey more intimately in THIS GROUP.

SJP Weddings:

Sincerely Jaclynn Photography has just SIX weddings in the books for 2019 so I can focus on going “back to school” for photography. No, it’s not college. I am learning from kick butt photographers actually making waves in the wedding photography industry. I’m taking online lighting courses, posing courses, flash courses, going to workshops, mentor sessions, editing/software classes, and making sure I have all of the tools I need to be the best photographer I can be.

Last Thursday, I photographed my first wedding of 2019 with Elizabeth & Robert and it was AMAZING! There were so many moments I remembered things I had recently learned and found myself capable of implementing them on the fly. This solidified my decision to keep pushing education this year over income and more brides. The results had me “oohing” and “aaahing” from my computer from the moment I started uploading and I can’t wait to improve this year from here! Their full wedding blog post is written and scheduled for tomorrow morning, but here’s a little sneak peek of the cover photo. ♥ I love these two!

Seattle couple photographed on the rocky beach

February Education Goals:

I completed all of my January education with the exception of the J&M Lighting Course. The last half is much more advanced than the first half so I find myself re watching the same videos and rewinding often. This course has been my BEST investment for SJP yet and I want to make sure I absorb as much as possible so I’ve created a more extensive plan for it. This month, I will finish the videos and in April, I will bring the course back to do all of the live homework with a model. There are tons of lighting exercises that are difficult to do without a model who is patient and willing to stay put for a couple hours so I will have to track down the perfect fit.

This month, I will be finishing the video tutorials from the J&M Lighting Course AND beginning my work with the complete class bundle from Ben Sasso. He is unlike any artist I’ve ever learned from before. I can’t wait to see the way his influence affects my work. I am looking to pull out more of my “traditional/vanilla” approaches and replace them with more editorial meets fine art creativity.

With Ben, I will be going over his approach to Editing, Social Media, Style & Branding, Lighting, and Posing & Directing. You can check out his Avant-garde Instagram HERE.

Last Minute Randoms:

The family is doing great! I’ll have to dedicate a post to each of the boys soon. Taco Time is exactly what I expected it to be. It’s easy clock in clock out work and allows me to focus on the boys and learning with a more structured schedule. I am my most productive in the mornings so working closing shift is perfect. James started school on Fridays so I have more one on one time with Leo! That has been so fun making up the bonding time we lost having two kiddos back to back during the busiest times of my career.

In Closing:

I hope my time spent investing in my education this year leads more photographers to realize the importance of the art we create. All too often, I see photographers get “good” or “good enough” and stop learning photography to refocus on marketing their company exclusively. They’re wrapped up in Instagram and Blogging and Add campaigns so much so that they haven’t picked up their camera with out a client in front of them in months. I’ll step down from my soap box now to say I was that photographer once. I was too busy with brides to truly invest in faster quality growth. Steady growth happens naturally, but what if this year puts me years ahead? I’m thinking it will. Feel free to watch the blog and see.




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