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Extended Family Mini Session



Part FOUR of Spring Minis! An Extended Family Mini Session.

I am steadily documenting through each of the families and couples who made it to Spring Minis. Most of the sessions this year took place at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge in Olympia. I love this location. No matter how busy it gets, I can always find space to have no people in the background.

In this slot I photographed a large and extended family session! Many photographer’s in our area will not offer extended family sessions as an option for minis. They can be more time consuming to manage in a small time window. However, if you’re willing to have less candid images larger groups work out just fine!

I move around allot and manage the session similarly to cocktail hour at weddings. I photograph two large families within 40 minutes during cocktail hours. After that, one medium sized family group is totally manageable in a mini session time slot if “traditional” (everyone looking at the camera) images are your goal!

Reminder: This studio typically only offers Family sessions twice a year and on specific dates. Weddings are our main focus. We are currently working on restructuring family mini sessions to be more of a fun experience for our families and couples! Stay tuned.

Above all, you will still have the opportunity to get a winter family portrait as well as images next Spring or summer! We are still figuring out what that will look like. We’re thinking food, drinks, and time flexibility are a must because children require sustenance and Mom’s require time flexibility!

Enjoy some of the images of this sweet family, all their babies, grandparents, and new parents! Thank you for making the trip! I know family photos can be hard to prep for and hard to get everyone there on time! I hope you cherish these images for years to come! ♥

Most of all, Print Print Print!

Extended Family Mini Session

Spring Minis 2019

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Part 2: Lake House Mom & Me

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  1. Jelena Rowden says:

    Thank you so much for doing this memorable session for my family & I. It meant more than anything to each and every one of us. Your attention to detail, lighting and positioning makes the photos eye catching. Your personality makes the experience easy going and not a single bit awkward! We are excited to work with you in the years to come.

  2. Maggie says:

    Love all of these pictures of this wonderful family. You captured them perfectly.

  3. Kelsey Rhoades says:

    These are beautiful photos!! Great job 🙂

  4. Paula Harmes says:

    Wow!! Love love love the amazing pic!!!

  5. Beth Comfort says:

    I love those pictures! Great job! Especially since my sister and her family are the subjects!


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