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Who remembers Betty from her and Sam’s beautiful wedding at The Five 2 Five in Buckley, Washington last summer?! I was so excited to hear from her for Spring Mother’s Day Minis!

To tell the story of how we ended up here for minis I have to humble myself quiet a bit. You see, we had a massive misunderstanding that has resulted in me completely wanting to change the way I conduct family minis.

It was my first time using email to reach out to all of my previous clients at once. I had done it before on a small scale through an invoicing platform, but never on one intended for prettier more custom emails on a more consistent basis.

I didn’t realize, when people responded to those emails, they fed in like a chain attached to the same email. So I would get multiple people’s responses in one thread. On the same thread Betty responded to, another dear bride of mine responded saying she couldn’t make it…so I thought it was Betty canceling. I crossed her off the calendar!

The day of Spring Minis came and she showed up ready with her family and I didn’t. It’s every photographers (second) worst nightmare. I got an email from her late that night asking what happened because she saw me there with other families on social. I felt SO SICK. Clynn and I schemed for hours that night…and even a few the next day on how I could possibly make this up to her. I’ve NEVER no-showed a session before.

After many ideas and giving her a phone call with a couple of options and sincere apologies, we decided to book an airbnb on the lake! She and Amelia could show up in whatever, get ready at the airbnb, do photos, then spend the night, compliments of the studio!

When we made these plans I had no idea it was for Memorial Day Weekend! I searched HIGH AND LOW for an available lake house and this was literally THE ONLY ONE within a reasonable distance. Washington has SO MANY LAKES! It was insane. We were destined to find this booking!!

Because it was Memorial Day Weekend, we could only get the house by booking two nights. This ended up being a blessing in disguise because Clynn and I got to stay the night before. We were able to have a nice night out kayaking on the lake, scope out the best photo spots, and get everything ready for them to arrive.

This took place before I started doing formal Airbnb Reviews, but I will release a mini one with what I have tomorrow morning. You can see the Lake House listing HERE! Highly recommend.

Betty’s sister & Maid of Honor, Jessica, who is recently engaged!!! (CONGRATS), came along for the girls night! I’m so happy she did. We got a few of the cutest aunt/niece photos, too.

Take your time scrolling through these Olympia Lake House Photos! I’m so in love with them. Especially the ones on the water!

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Olympia Lake House Photos

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