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Family Birthday Shenanigans | Leo Turns Two!



On September 12, 2018 Leo turned TWO years old! It’s so crazy to be able to say “I have a three year old and a two year old”. I’m sure when my boys are teenagers we’ll be getting the “twins?” question. haha

We celebrated Leo’s second birthday with Grandma, Pop-pop, Aunt Mimi, Her (practically fiancè) boyfriend Sebastian, and his sweet son Avery. We invited everyone over for bubbles, lasagna, presents, and cake! Leo LOVES bubbles. When he gets on a “bubble kick” every one in the house gets lightheaded blowing bubbles so they can hear his over-joyed squeals.

Jamie had a hard time realizing the day was just for Leo. We saw this coming and were prepared with a little toy for him, too. When he started getting bummed and restless during Leo’s presents, Clynn pulled him into the kitchen to give him his new little transformer. He was thrilled and happy for Leo the rest of the day!

The HIGHLIGHT of Leo’s birthday was when we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him. We sat him up on a bar stool (something he rarely does), lit the candle on his surprise monster cake, and sang. I watched as his eyes lit up brighter than the candle as he clearly came to realize, for the first time, that we were all there to love on and celebrate him. Towards the end of the song he was overcome with joy and let out the happiest sound you’ve ever heard. I think if it had lasted much longer he may have cried happy tears. I am so happy this was caught on video! Watching his realization in that moment is and will be one of my most cherished memories for life.

Happy Birthday our sweet Leo Author. You are SO LOVED.

Family Birthday Shenanigans

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