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Clynn and I LOVE making the trip for Lake Cushman Engagement Photos. The scenery is beautiful. Taking the time to drive out makes engagement portraits that much more special. I love when couples pause wedding planning and day-to-day chaos to make a memory with their engagement portraits. Jordain and Andy drove several hours to reach this worthwhile location. Clynn and I brought the boys and planned to stay the night stargazing and picnicking!

I was so excited to see Andy had brought his Fire Uniform. Jamie was awe-struck to see a real life firefighter and Andy took his time to let Jamie try on the helmet and mask! I’ll show those photos in their own post soon. ♥

Our weather was perfect and we hardly saw anyone else during our session! There is something so magical about Lake Cushman. Even on the busiest of days for the lake, it always seems to mellow out around sunset. The weather is not so great now. Though, writing this post mid September, I am tempted to make just one more trip that direction. It’s sessions like these that remind me how blessed I am to be a professional photographer in the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for making the trip all the way from Gold Bar, Washington! It made for one heck of an excuse to unplug for a couple days. ♥

Lake Cushman Engagement Photos

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