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First Presbyterian Church of Portland | Lindsey & John



When Clynn and I turned the corner to the First Presbyterian Church of Portland jaws dropped. This chapel is a stunning landmark of downtown Portland.

Lindsey and John were lifetime friends long before their wedding day. I love getting to know all of my couples through social media, bride meetings, their engagement session, and every way I can before the big day. When getting to know Lindsey and John I saw high school dance photos sprinkled amongst their engagement excitement. It was impossible not to smile getting to know these two. Rich with history, stories, and love, their wedding day was the perfect reflection of who they are!

The day began at the STUNNING Sentinel Hotel downtown Portland, Oregon. The staff was seriously insanely amazing. They gave us full reign of the hotel with so many floors and gorgeous details. I was in love with the bed frames and rich solid green walls. Clynn even found an old empty library with the prettiest blue carpet to photograph the dress and shoes!

All of the girls had their hair and makeup done by Mckenzi Renae. Her mom came to help out and they were a flawless team! I was so shocked at how organized their works station stayed! All of the bridesmaids looked AMAZING and Lindsey’s makeup looked flawless from morning until sunset! I love the way her hair fell softly throughout the day for a relaxed bridal look in the evening.

As the girls made final touches and organized their hotel suite, Clynn and I made our way to the First Presbyterian Church of Portland to meet with John and his groomsmen! We were able knock out some insanely dapper bridal party photos before the ladies even arrived.

Our event coordinator helped us navigate the beautiful labyrinth that is the First Presbyterian Church of Portland. When the girls arrived, around the corner a few times, up a tiny elevator and around the corner again we found ourselves in an open, vintage, pastel green and yellow bridal suite. The bridesmaids had the sweetest pre-ceremony moments as they laced up Lindsey’s beautiful off-shoulder wedding gown from Sincerely The Bride.

After the ceremony we headed to the Artillery Barracks at Fort Vancouver for a friends and family reception! Near the close of the reception we headed outside for some soft light bridals around the venue grounds. We were blessed with early spring cherry blossoms!

Thank you so much to Lindsey, John, their families who flew in from all over (mostly Hawaii!), and all of the vendors who made this dreamy wedding day possible. ♥

Hair & Makeup: McKenzi Renaie

Getting Ready: Sentinel Hotel

Dress: Sincerely The Bride

Ceremony Venue: First Presbyterian Church of Portland

Reception Venue: Artillery Barracks at Fort Vancouver

First Presbyterian Church of Portland

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  1. Shelbi says:

    How gorgeous is that Chapel ! Non the less you have done more incredibly beautiful work ! And of COURSE she has the Jack Hill pallet for wedding make up because … it’s perfect !!!!!

    • Jaclynn Wilkinson says:

      Thank you, Shelbi! ♥ I LOVE all the colors in that palette. Can’t wait to see you post some photos using it!

  2. Lila Adams says:

    These are the most gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen! Lindsey was my neighbor growing up and she is beautiful inside and out. She looked like a princess, the pictures made me cry as she looks so happy. Thank you for sharing them!

    • Jaclynn Wilkinson says:

      Thank you so much, Lila! Lindsey made for one beautiful bride for sure! Every time I edit weddings my three year old runs to the screen and yells “PRINCESS!” and Lindsey was no exception. ♥♥♥


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