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THE BUSINESS: The nice thing about being an engagement and wedding photographer in Washington State is Location Scouting in the Pacific Northwest! My day job encourages our family outings to be more adventurous. One of my projects for 2018 is creating a gorgeous digital magazine filled with all of my favorite shoot locations in Washington State. I’m challenging couples to get out of their comfort zones and create MEMORIES for their engagement, maternity, and bridal sessions! The goal is for their portrait sessions to feel more like an experience and less like “just taking photos”. My hope is that couples will pick a stunning location from the guide, have their session there, and revisit the location throughout their relationship in memory of the moment those images were captured. I want these locations to make jaws drop and to draw attention to the beautiful landscapes we so often take for granted just twenty minutes to a couple hours from where we spend our day to day lives. After all, memories like being engaged, being all dressed up in your wedding attire, or having your first, second, or last child together only happen but a few times in our lives. These are BIG moments, and they deserve a stunning setting…not just convenience.

So no matter who your photographer is, or who your clients are, I challenge you to challenge the every day by capturing our briefest most special moments in the most special ways we are capable of. Drive the extra mile. Do the extra research. Cherish the day and feel the escape.

All too often couples and photographers cringe at the thought of “travel fees” before ever doing the math. Often times, travel rates are so much less than you may think. Add up the miles and see for yourself. Example: The below location is Rattle Snake Lake near North Bend, Washignton. It splays stunning mountain views and the prettiest clear teal water. Evergreens, giant rocks, and the cleanest air you’ve ever tasted. This location is 40 miles from my home, 80 miles round trip. I travel 60 miles complimentary then $0.60/mile additional. This location literally costs my couples $12 in travel fees. COME ON PEOPLE. That’s a Lattè date investment in portraits that will last a life time! ♥ Do the math. Please don’t run back to the nearest overpopulated park at the mention of travel fees.

THE PERSONAL: Below are images from two different family outings! The first was location scouting to Rattle Snake Lake. Our second time there but first time in the Late Winter/Early Spring. We wanted to be sure there wasn’t snow every where and we were pleasantly surprised to find an easy drive and no ice or snow in sight. There was a light drizzle the whole time we were there but we’ve been pushing being outdoors more, regardless of the weather within reason. We were freezing but emotionally and spiritually cleansed by the surroundings. Ofcourse the boys hardly noticed the weather at all. We had to keep Leo from running straight into the lake on several occasions, ultimately calling it a day after he tripped and filled his boot with icey water up to his knees. They love throwing rocks into the water and OOOOH and AAAAHHHing over each unique rock. Leo likes to try and pick up the biggest ones. Jamie likes picking up handfuls of dirt and seeing how far he can throw.

Our second location was checking out some new prop locations at Wild Hearts Farm for our Spring Mini Sessions coming up in May! We were deciding between a cute cozy camper setting and an open truck/barn setting. We ultimately decided on the open truck setting knowing it will be what’s best for any families with crazy little ones who need to run around. The camper is so sweet and snuggly but our kiddos were over being cooped up in there after just a few minutes. Those photos were also an early mother’s day gift to me from Clynn as they were (mostly) all taken by him. ♥ I never get sick of seeing portraits with my boys when I get to be in them too! It’s so special and reminds me of all the hard work I’m doing raising my tiny crazies. Enjoy some pretty landscapes and my own personal “Mother’s Day Mini Session“. ♥ You can book your own HERE!

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