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My sister came down for a few day visit to discuss our “Fresh Pages”.

It’s not just us. I truly believe the entire collective of human kind is feeling “fresh start” energy this fall. After everything the world has been through since the new year, we’ve all had enough.

We’ve had enough waiting and we’ve had enough reflection to start making some serious decisions.

There may be new limitations, but there are also new opportunities and perspectives we’ve never had before.

We sat on the studio roof as the sun set. With white claws, notebooks, and a single pen, we took turns writing down the unique things that bring us joy. Then, we promised to make more room for those things over the next few months that are filled with so much uncertainty.

It is a necessary regular practice to identify the things you can control, and release (or simply send positive energy to) the things you can not.

Embracing this practice not only brings peace, but identifies where you can work so much more productively.

Cheers to turning Fresh Pages. These stories we’re writing are pretty freaking dope.

Fresh Pages

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