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Plus Size Studio Boudoir

Here’s a thing about the internet and plus sized women representation; Creators are too scared to call their clients “plus sized”. This means, when you hop on Pinterest and search for “Plus Sized Brides” or “Plus Sized Engagement Session” or “Plus Sized Studio Boudoir” you won’t find much.

If we are too scared to use the term “Plus Sized” on people and clients we love, other people will never feel represented when they search for couples/women who look like them on the internet.

If you are plus sized and reading this, I recommend you inform your photographer that it is okay to refer to you as plus sized for better internet representation of body variety!

My subject for this session was my close sister, Sarah. I asked her, specifically, if it was okay for me to use the term “Plus Sized” for this reason. She did not hesitate and saying, “YES! Of course!”. Honestly, I’m too scared to ask that of any of my non-family/close friend clients. I’m so happy Sarah agreed so we could get more body types flowing on Pinterest! ♥

Even women who want to keep THEIR boudoir session private or for their/their partner eyes only, they are still hopping on Pinterest for inspiration! Sarah and I are so happy to be able to provide some.

This session was special. Sarah booked her full boudoir experience with The Studio about six months before the shoot. She had just reached a point in her life where she truly loved her body and wanted to celebrate it. A few months later, the opportunity came up for her to have a weight loss surgery. Already loving her body, she chose to have the surgery.

This session was taken just one week post-op! We were so happy, and emotional, capturing her alchemical home she’s known all her life before it begins transforming drastically over the next year.

I LOVE YOU, SARAH!!! I’m so proud of you, your confidence, and the love you’ve found for yourself over the years. ♥

I can’t wait to see her Velvet Dusty Pink Album arrive!!!

If you’d like to schedule a boudoir session in The Studio, reach out! Sessions start at $700 and include professional hair and makeup, Album, Unlimited time/sets for comfort and variety, snacks, mimosas, and a beautiful experience in self confidence.

AMAZING Hair & Makeup by Love Your Haiir Co. Quick shout out to Breanna who has done hair and makeup for my Boudoir clients and many brides over the years. She’s so amazing to have on set! Breanna does touchups through out the session and stays to help your hair and makeup look perfect the entire time! I won’t do Boudoir without her. ♥ The confidence her skills brings my clients is 100% mandatory! Notice how Sarah’s makeup goes from bright and light to dark and smoky mid shoot. Epic.

**Sarah’s completed gallery included 146 Images. Most of my favorites were artistic nudes and pulled for privacy. ♥

Plus Size Studio Boudoir

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