Going Camping!

Up to this point in my company I’ve declared the “24 hour response” policy. I always aim to respond to everyone’s messages within 24 hours. It doesn’t happen EVERY time, but I dang sure make the effort! I’ve always said I would do my best to respond within 24 hours, unless I’m on vacation! In which case I would be sure to notify every one of.

This weekend, Clynn and I are Going Camping!

We are training for a specific photo Clynn and I plan to capture next weekend. It’s one Clynn has put allot of thought and planning into so we’ll be doing a practice run this weekend.

We’ll be camping next weekend as well to capture that shot.

I will be out of the office in the evening 7/26/2019 and through the weekend. I will respond to emails and messages on Monday 7/29/2019.

We will also be unplugging in the late evening 8/2/2019 after an engagement session with Taylor & Andrew! I will be back and responding to messages 8/5/2019.

Thank you so much for your support and patience! We’re excited to share “The Shot” we’ve been planning and preparing for with you all!

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Sincerely, Jaclynn & Clynn

Going Camping!

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