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Hotel Indigo Everett Waterfront



When Clynn and the boys and I were nomadic we spent two or three nights at Hotel Indigo Everett Waterfront and I had wanted to revisit ever since!

About a year later, Am and I needed a little local get away after a crazy week it was an easy and incredibly satisfying go-to!

As someone who has stayed in A LOT of hotels and resorts, this is one of the only hotels I can think of locally, not in a casino, that offers many fun amenities right on site.

Aside from cute nautical themed rooms and a pool, they have a lovely restaurant, Jetty Bar & Grille, downstairs that faces the marina. Right outside the hotel you can take a stroll along the water, check out the boats, and are only a short walk from Lombardis. This is a great little Italian restaurant Clynn and I took Am on our first date.

Rather than pick a restaurant for dinner we did appetizers at The Jetty Grille, and appetizers at Lombardis. It made for a lovely evening with a beautiful walk between courses.

The next morning we went to The Jetty Grille again for brunch then picked up a dessert at Lombardis on our way out. We spent the afternoon lounging in the sun by the hotel’s water feature and left ready to face another week!

Hotel Indigo Everett Waterfront

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