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Introducing Gus

Introducing: Gus!

Gus is The Studio’s August 2020 Model! Every four weeks, The Studio (I) works with a new model on weekly sessions. I do this to be sure my shooting stays sharp. It also allows me to try new methods, gear, posing, lighting, etc. in a learning environment rather than on my clients during once in a life time moments!

When my models come to the studio, they plan to stay for 2-3 hours as we trouble shoot and work on 1 or 2 new concepts.

All of my models get an “Introductory Shoot”. This is where we go over the model release, get to know each other a little to be sure we’re a great fit, and do a 10-15 minute head shot session. Nothing fancy. We’re just seeing how we work together real quickly and exposing the model to my alter ego of photographer Jaclynn.

I’m so excited to work with Gus this month because I honestly haven’t done very much career focus on men! I’m so inspired by women (my bride’s!), my grooms are sometimes a little neglected in the portrait department in comparison. I’d love if they could feel equally special to my brides some day.

This month, I’ll be diving into men’s posing, fashion, and just looking to be inspired by the male form. I’m discovering comfortable ways to pose Gus that also flatter him, choosing my favorite lighting for him, and maybe develop a few creative tricks up my sleeve just for the guys!

Gus literally turned 18 the day before he signed the contract! Thank you for choosing the studio to be your first legal document! haha, Looking forward to working with you, Gus!

Introducing Gus

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