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Photography for Models

The following images are part of a Four Part Series that includes Five photo shoots. Doing photography for models is a reverse dynamic to what I usually do. When a photographer works with models, the model works for the photographer or it is more like we work together.

While working with clients, it is SO much about making sure the client is happy. When I do photography for models, its about making sure we are both happy 50/50 as often as possible.

I LOVE my couples and serving them, but given the dynamic, it is hard to direct, LEARN, and experiment at times. So, in comes photography with models!

The first shoot is a meet & greet with a 10-20 minute long head shot session. It’s the meet up that finalizes if we will continue to work together. If both parties leave, process/receive the headshots, and are happy to continue on, we will sign a model release and agree to Four Shoots over Four Weeks shooting once per week.

So far, Jay and I have done two of our four official photoshoots. This morning, I was going through each set and everything we’ve practiced up to this point and it is AMAZING the kind of portfolio we’ve been able to put together. I can’t wait to see what we have at the end of our four weeks. It’s crazy to think we’re only half way through.

You can view her intro head shot session HERE, and the first official shoot HERE.

Each shoot, I select 1-3 concepts I would like to attempt/rehearse. Jay is given the theme about 24 hours in advance to select outfits and plan out makeup!

For our second shoot, I practiced in-camera color profiles. In camera, I made DRASTIC changes to my saturation, contrast, and sharpness. Until this session, I had never played with my cameras color profiles before. Now, it feels like such a vital component to using my camera.

In post production, I made changes to my typical editing process, took 7 hours to edit 19 images (I usually do about 300 wedding images in 7 hours), and really honed in on my shadows and highlights. I tore these images apart like a WPPI judge. I zoomed in and pulled detail out of the tinniest spaces. In this moment, I am well aware my work is no where near competition ready. We’ll get there.

I’m considering offering these fine art editing services as an add-on to wedding photography. This way, my couples could select their favorite photo and I could do a 2 hour edit on it. I can’t wait to dive into more Photoshop work, too.

It is through these photoshoots that I believe I will find my WPPI images to submit for competition. I have the time and creative space to make everything PERFECT. I can’t wait to see what my model series looks like come December!

Photography for Models

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