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Kilworth Memorial Chapel



Anna & Jackson’s 14 person wedding at the Kilworth Memorial Chapel was wonderful! Their wedding day was a reminder to me, that my job is still needed.

These two were long distance for the majority of their dating relationship so the Compass was a big part of their wedding. The Compass acts as a sort of symbol for their relationship thus far.

The officiant/Father of the ceremony is also our bride, Anna’s, actual father! It was so special to see him officiate and to see them interact with each other in their different roles throughout the ceremony.

Anna’s shawl was hand made by her mother, Jamie. It turned out so perfect. I love when my bride’s incorporate a big accessory like this on their wedding day because it adds so much variety to the final gallery!

It felt so good to be needed, again. I forgot how much I am capable of between helping out during getting ready, documenting the day, and helping everything to run as smoothly as possible! For most weddings, everything is a first for nearly every one present. Pinning a boutonnière, carrying a bouquet, pinning up a train, placing a veil…there are so many details I was reminded of how helpful I can be because I have documented so many weddings before!

When I saw Anna & Jackson walk away at the end of our time together, I was reminded of the value of marriage. Not just a wedding, but in bearing the titles of Husband & Wife, Husband & Husband, or Wife & Wife.

Marriage is truly a beautiful, amazing ritual. To find another human you love and promise to be there for them forever in the most official way you can think of. I can’t think of anything more beautiful. ♥ Bring on the weddings, loves. I am ready.

Congratulations, Anna & Jackson! Thank you so much for choosing me to document your special day.

Kilworth Memorial Chapel

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