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Dating Profile Photos

With so many weddings being canceled, I have been taking on more portrait sessions lately. When Justin contacted me for Dating Profile Photos, I almost said no! It was something I had done once before but through a match maker agency. I had never done them for someone building their profile independently but I’m so happy we got together for these!

Once we got to talking and shooting, I could tell how genuine Justin was. I immediately started wracking my brain for people I could introduce him to because he was so kind and fun to be around!

It really felt full circle, as a wedding photographer, to take portraits of someone focused on their dating journey. We think love starts on a first date. Taking Justin’s portrait reminded me that love does not start there. Love stories start with one individual. A man or woman willing and ready to approach a first date with an open heart and an open mind. Getting to that state, is not easy. It is a journey all its own.

We started our session at Anthem Coffee & Tea downtown Puyallup. Then, we walked around downtown and up to the train station. From there, we took a little road trip to Saltwater State Park in Des Moines just in time for sunset. We had the most glowy yellow sunlight on the beach!

While we were shooting Justin said something along the lines of, “Girls always have such nice photos of themselves on their profiles! It’s like they are always having their friends snap a photo of them. Boys don’t do that. I don’t have any nice photos of me just having fun!” He’s so right!! With the dating world being so much online, men really need to up their photo/video game.

I told him, “I thought it might be weird to do this session, but the kind of guy who is going to pay for nice photos vs taking a shirtless selfie in the mirror of his bathroom, is a tell that I’ll be working with an upstanding guy! This was really fun!”

Thank you for reaching out to me, Justin! I had so much fun and it was truly an honor to capture these images for your dating profile! In the future, I won’t hesitate to saying yes to a guy reaching out for a little photo help! 🙂 I know it’s early on in the game, but I nerd-level hope to hear from you for engagement photos some day!

Dating Profile Photos

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  1. excellent article. In 2021 Tinder is becoming difficult, you need superb photos to be successful. The right solution is to call on a specialist photographer.

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