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Lake Tapps Engagement Photos



I have to lead with the fact that these Lake Tapps Engagement Photos were taken on Private Property! The location is SO BEAUTIFUL. However, unless you have a hook up, replicating this backdrop will be a tough bargain!

Meet Melissa, Ryan, and Ein! (Pronounced like Einstein). These two will be getting married in 2020 at Laurel Creek Manor! Congratulations, you two!!!

This was the engagement session immediately following the Husky Game I photographed. Check that out HERE. Because I was coming straight from a big event, I had both cameras holstered and ready to shoot so I figured why not bring them both out?! I was already in the groove having used two cameras all day.

I most typically shoot on one camera during a portrait session. There’s so much more flexibility and windows to relax for a moment and change a lens than there are at a live event.

I like to shoot with two camera bodies for most of a wedding day just in case one of them has some kind of malfunction during an important moment. Plus, the variety of two lenses is allot of fun. For this private location with tons of variety, I really enjoyed using both cameras.

I used a Canon 5D MKIII with a 70-200 2.8 and a Canon 6D with a 35mm 1.4.

Melissa and Ryan were so patient as we took our time waiting for the sun to go down a little more for closer up portraits. Washington has got to be one of the hardest states to predict sunset from location to location with all of our trees and mountains and hills…it’s hard to predict the best shooting time at a new locations sometimes.

However, I’ll take it over flat flat Earth and a 10 minute “golden hour” anytime. I once shot at the Salt Flats where quality light literally slipped away with each click. A hilarious experience I’m glad to have and appreciate our hilly landscape more from for sure!

See if you can’t see my lens changes as you scroll through here! A fun game I like to play on photographer’s blogs sometimes. Isn’t Ein the cutest freaking corgi?! Naw, they’re all undeniably adorable. haha

An extra HUGE THANK YOU to Melissa and Ryan for trusting me when I got all weird and artsy and had you lay down on the dock! I love how those photos came out and it was something I had been wanting to try for a long time. (Last time would have been 2016 or 2017 since I asked one of my couples to lay in a yin yang pattern!).

Best wishes to you two during wedding planning and thank you for inviting the studio to document your engagement portraits!

Lake Tapps Engagement Photos

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