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Good morning and a happy busy wedding weekend to The Studio!

I recently made a reference in a “Wilkinson Update” to my Line 6.

It’s crucial to understand this concept to know who I am and who I’m becoming these days.

There is a serious shift happening in my presence. I can feel it on every level. Nothing has felt more real than transitioning from the first to second stage. It has been disorienting at times, exciting, restful, restless, as the aura of my presence goes through a dramatic shift.

Here is a segment I pulled from “An Intro to Human Design” by Interior Creature published 6.22.18. You can read the full article HERE but I’ve pulled out Line 6 for quick reference below.

Line 6 Human Design – The Role Model

The 6th line brings a “sage on the mountaintop” vibe to the profile/gates it touches. The Role Model’s energy is all about reflecting back on past experiences and taking in life from a bird’s eye view, really seeing the bigger picture. There’s a deep compassion and humanitarian bent to the 6th line. The Role Model sees how things can and should be, as well as how they are, and wants everyone to benefit from their advantageous perspective. 

The Role Model doesn’t emerge overnight. Not at all. They typically live their life in three distinct parts:

the first thirty-ish years is all about EXPERIENCE. Depending on which other line the 6th line is paired with in the profile, this experience could be a process of trial and error, of bonds made and broken, or of a tension between hermit time and exploration time.

the second twenty-ish years is all about REFLECTION. This is when the Role Model begins the climb up to the mountaintop, to heal their wounds from all the trial and error of the first 30 years. This is also the time where others begin to look to the Role Model for guidance, recognizing their deep experience and the hard-earned wisdom.

the final phase, from 50+ on, is all about BALANCING wisdom with experience. This stage usually coincides with the Chiron (Kiron) Return. Healed and rested and full of insight, the Role Model is able to climb down from the rooftop and reengage with life with far more optimism and far more authentically. 

Lately, I just want to be alone or with my people 5 days out of 7. Luckily, being a professional wedding photographer is the perfect career to support this transition. I’m front and center just a few times a day. The remainder? I’m a fly on the wall. I am fully supported to take in and reflect on the world around me. Capturing it is my job! Then, I go home and edit. I edit and snuggle my boys. We take tiny trips just us four to see the world and just exist. You can find me journaling…allot. I’m reading a ton.

I’m not looking to make endless mistakes or take massive risks in the same way I was a year ago. At first, I mistook this for depression. It’s kind of crazy that my Line 6 Shift began the same time as the pandemic shut down. I think the trauma of it may have pushed me into shifting a little sooner than expected.

I am changing. Though, I’m happy. I am living in alignment and it feels dang good. ♥

Thank you for trying to understand me a little better! I recommend Jovian Archive if you’re curious about your human design details! It’s been the best DIY therapy for me.

Sincerely, Jaclynn

Line 6 Human Design

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  1. Corynn says:

    Your last bit on not taking massive risks and relating it to depression, completely relatable. Loved reading this update!


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