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I am so excited at how many photo sessions I’ve been able to do on the nature trail by The Studio & Print Lab as a Pierce County Photographer!

Ameera and Benjamin selected the nature trail by The Studio from a list of locations. I was so excited to see another couple excited to have their photos taken here! There is a nature trail in Milton, Wa that has an opening attached to the parking lot of my studio. It’s proven to be so versatile, shows the seasons transparently, and has produced fun photos in all lighting situations.

For Ameera and Benjamin’s engagement session, we met up about 90 minutes before sunset in the studio. We had perfect light on the trail and their outfit selections were perfect! I LOVE white for engagement sessions!!!

When I was engaged I wanted to wear all the little white sundresses for every wedding planning event. I wish I would have worn a little white dress for my engagement photos!

Wearing white for an engagement session in Pierce or King County is a great idea. As many people know, the Pacific Northwest has unpredictable weather patterns. Even in the summer we may have a cloudy sunset. If the sun is covered by clouds, white clothing will bounce light and bring more brightness into your photos. White clothing will act as a built-in reflector for pretty skin tones.

There’s something I’ve been working on that is a HUGE perk to having your photo session on the studio. At this location, I have access to my computer and printer while you’re in an outfit change! For the last three sessions, I’ve been able to do a quick edit and print a photo DURING the session. I use the 5 minute window while my clients are changing clothes/touching up makeup to put together a quick Fine Art Cotton Rag Print! I love when my clients can leave with a photo from the session they JUST HAD in their hands. ♥

CONGRATULATIONS, Ameera & Benjamin on your engagement!!! It was so great getting to know you two and I can’t wait for your 2021 wedding!!!

Pierce County Photographer

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