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Okay, the blog debut of The Studio’s sister company, Love in Ink! A public access print shop.

When I was preparing for the 2019 Gallery Viewing in November, I began printing my own work. I quickly realized, the quality of print I was able to produce, after a couple days of troubleshooting, was higher quality than what I’ve seen available at common public access print shops.

At the time, I didn’t even consider opening a print shop. Emotionally, I dipped my toes in slowly, then all at once! I said…I could print these as gifts for my couples. Then, maybe I could sell these to my couples as a higher quality option than Walmart, but lesser quality than through their online galleries. A sort of in-between option of “highest quality available” and “blah” basic public print quality.

Through inspired action, I decided to launch the print lab for every one with three missions.

Mission #1 for Love in Inc is to provide easy access to high quality prints for the public. 

We’ve noticed allot of low quality easy-access print options for the public.

High quality print services have been reserved for professional photographers only. Until now. Our goal, is to provide high quality print products straight to the public by meeting in the middle. High Quality & Easy Access with no middle man.

Our goal is to print Archival, Gicleè, top of the line prints. To be clear, we’re not quiet there yet! As of now, we check two of the three boxes to be considered Gicleè. Read more about our printer HERE! We plan to upgrade our printer ASAP but didn’t want to keep people from easy access prints in the meant time.

I believe what we have to offer to already be higher quality than most public access print options!

Mission #2 for Love in Inc is to provide a female only staff print option.

When a client selects “Female only staff” at check-out, not a single man will be in the print lab while your order is on a screen, processed, printed, and packaged for shipping! 

Our goal with offering this is to provide services to two kinds of clients.

The first, is women and families who choose to wear a Khimar or Hijab. 

If there are wedding or family photos you would like printed professionally for your personal collection and home, you can rest easy knowing when you choose to print with Love in Ink, your photos will only be with or even around women staff. We will protect your modesty, privacy, and all photos will be deleted immediately following print. Now, you can have professionally printed photos of you and your husband’s first look without the scarf, too! ♥

The second, Boudoir photos! 

Whereas some women are comfortable sharing their boudoir images, some choose to have them taken, or take them themselves, for their or their partner’s eyes only! However, if you would still like high quality prints with the most privacy possible, select “Female only staff” at check out and we will treat your “little black book” photos with the same respect as we would those for the first client.

Mission #3 is to Restore the place of print in a digital world.

Before digital photography, the only way to see your photos was to print them. Once digital took over, so many people stopped printing all together! Here at Love in Ink, we think this is the most tragic thing happening to modern photography.

A digital image is not archival. High resolution files get lost on corrupt hard drives or placed in storage and never physically seen. 

We believe your favorite wedding photo, siblings playing happily, maternity photos, newborn photos, etc. on display in homes and businesses have the ability to save companies, relationships, and families. If they are not on display to benefit from, they can not save you when a hard day hits. 

Photos are happily shared on social media for their 1 hour-week of fame, then forgotten about forever. Print your favorites when you post them! Print the moments you want to remember forever. 

Mission #3 is to preach print! Restore its place in homes and modern society.

We officially launched February 1, 2020 and are SO EXCITED to be on this new journey that has made me a better photographer and business owner.

I couldn’t be more proud of this journey and believe in it any more than I do. Clynn has been SO SUPPORTIVE. For Valentine’s Day, he purchased The Studio a professional grade mat cutter. We can’t wait to get it mounted and begin learning to professionally mat our clients images! ♥

We are going to GROW and CHANGE so much this year as we learn to offer a physical product and navigate the commercial world in a different way.

Love in Ink is already blowing away the statistics for purchases per visit to the website and we’re so grateful for that!

You can order prints at

Thank you for being on this amazing journey with us!

Love in Ink

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