Love Story: Preface

Looking back at each memory, exact details are foggy, but the emotion? Oh. I can still feel the smile on my 13 year old cheeks.

We did learn the season in which Clynn and I first “noticed” each other was longer than we thought. I would have told you each of these beginning chapters fell in one winter if you’d asked me a month ago. But as we prepared for me to write this story we realized it was a full year…longer if you count being hung up on each other after being separated.

We have a handful of significant memories from the first time our auras debated compatibility. Where each one fell, before or after another, things get grey.

I know we have loved ones or observers reading our story, so you may remember a time or event to be before or after another or in a different season. We are recalling each memory as well as we can!

In the end, I want the memories remembered. I want a chance to speak our truth. I want a chance to prove innocence & bear record of the greatest love story of all time.

I want everyone to be proud of their love story, and to never feel shame where love should be.

This story? It has allot of emotions. I’m still not positive how detailed I’ll get as we get into the hardest years of our engagement & first year of marriage. What is most people’s BEST time, well…it was our hardest. That’s part of why we LOVE contributing to amazing wedding days. We want to help our couples, as our couples have helped heal us.

So strap in for some juicy real-life deets people like to pretend didn’t happen for Clynn & I.

I’m about to open the closet….are you ready?

Chapter One Coming Soon…






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