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Candle Light Only



I’m starting a series of “challenges”. They’re all ones I think up myself. Scenarios I think might be interesting and challenging.

For this one, I wondered how I would do using our garden candle lights. I know what I can do with a soft box, speed lights, and natural light…but what if all I used was the smallest light source I could imagine. A candle.

We used two garden calendula candles.

Well friends, I think it might be fun to come back and do these challenges again in a year. This was definitely my first time photographing by candle light.

We took them in mine and my husbands back garden. A place we go to daily to reflect and heal. This is a place we think up crazy ideas and look deep within ourselves for answers. \

I knew I wanted Jelena to take on elements of that emotion we typically display in that little space by the pond. I definitely got great practice in and learned I need to remember to direct my models emotion while spending several minutes getting my candle light angles just how I wanted them. Directing and experimenting is definitely something I am learning to do in tandem.

Thank you so much for volunteering, Jelena! You’re support means so much and we were more than happy to get you out of the house for this! THANK YOU!

Photogs: You are welcome to comment any questions below and I’ll be sure to answer.

Candle Light Only

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