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Mexico Themed Wedding



This backyard Mexico Themed Wedding with Brianna and Levi was beyond memorable!

Mexico is very special to Brianna and Levi as a couple. They lived near the border and took the trip over often. Levi even proposed to Brianna in Mexico! It was only fitting they have a Mexico themed wedding to bring detail that helped bring them together into their wedding day.

Brianna and Levi love their two dogs so so much! Luna and Lila are their fur children through and through. They even adopted and went through the process of bringing Luna over the boarder from Mexico!

We met at an Airbnb for getting ready photos. From there, we went to a nearby park where Brianna and Levi walk their dogs for a first look! We took some bridal party portraits then headed off to their home.

They decided to host their own wedding in the front and backyard of their Seattle home. The ceremony took place in the front yard with the party and reception in the back!

I love that every time they leave the house, they’ll walk right down a pathway that was once the isle of their wedding ceremony. ♥

Brianna works at a local cannabis shop, Hashtag in Fremont. So many of her coworkers were present at the wedding. They even set up a “Bud Bar” in the garage! I can’t believe this was the first Bud Bar I’ve had the privilege of photographing being a wedding photographer in Washington State.

Come on Washingtonians! Get it together!

The reception was casual, laid back, full of SO MUCH LOVE, karaoke, vegan food, vegan wedding cake, and a truly memorable time for every one. ♥

Brianna’s Mom did an amazing job with the food and cake! I’m sure she had some wonderful helpers as well.

CONGRATULATIONS to “BRE-VI”! You two are a beautiful couple!! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of such a celebration of love.

Mexico Themed Wedding

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    Always such great photos that capture the moment!! Such a unique wedding; I love how personal every detail was to the couple.


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