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Alright! Here is the long awaited Milton Model Photographer Series Part One!

I explained a little about this project and shared Jay’s Intro Photo Shoot in THIS BLOG POST last week.

A little recap: Once a week for the foreseeable future, I will be photographing for my own education. To try new things, practice new techniques, experiment with new equipment and ideas, and just really focus on IMPROVING.

When I’m shooting for clients, I spend 98% of the time doing what I am pretty sure will work based off of 100’s of photoshoots worth of experience and happy couples/clients. It is my belief, that an artist will improve at a much more rapid rate if they are not always performing, but rehearsing as well. I think of these shoots as my “rehearsal” time.

Each session I will think of a theme, research it a bit before the shoot, then try to implement it on set.

The first set of images was playing with sun beams! I wanted to try and get a sunbeam effect by throwing flower into low light sun coming through the trees on my studio roof. I had gotten a similar idea from Ben Sasso to use baby powder or dry dirt. I didn’t have access to either of those up there…but I did grab a bag of flower from my kitchen at home to try. It was fun, but I definitely think I’ll try actual baby powder next time. I think it will be lighter and stay in the air longer.

Note: I did use a flash during the first set, as well, to enhance the “dust”.

I also predict you need a very specific type of sun to get the effect I was going for…we’ll try it again sometime in a different location with a different “dust”. I do know there is a canned substance advertised to photographer’s for this exact purpose. I may try some of that next time, too. Might be handy to keep in my wedding bag down the road for when the light is just right!

Our second set, I was doing one of my favorite things…shooting in the dark. I LOVE shooting during blue hour or in the dark. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not that great at it yet. However, some day, I think I’ll be the best because of how much I enjoy it.

When photography is all about light, starting in a dark room is like starting a painting with a blank canvas…whether than one someone (God/Angels/Universe) had already started for you. It’s the “from scratch” creators playground.

During those images I had a five light set up….something I’m sure I’ll laugh at some day. If not the amount of lights I was using the way I was using them…but it’s all about the practice!

The third set I was trying to replicate light coming through a living room window when a car drives up in the driveway in the evening… That may be difficult to picture…or you know exactly what I’m talking about. It was allot fun.

Let me know your favorite set in the comments!

Round of applause for Jay who is killing her four week series. Can’t believe we’re already half way through! (We finished week 2, yesterday! I’ll share those, soon.)

I hope this inspires you to get creative and practice some new things, too.

Milton Model Photographer

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