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Natural bridal makeup



By: Jeanlyn | Creative Writer & Studio Assistant

Edited by : Jaclynn | Lead Photographer & Owner

The word natural and makeup put together can have very bland image attached to it. In this case makeup is art, and the brides are the canvas. There are countless wedding makeup tutorials on the web. Ranging from soft glam to full coverage makeup. A brides makeup should extenuate her features and give her a nice matte glow to look flawless and effortless.

Makeup is uplifting and boost confidence and that’s what all brides want on their wedding day. A natural makeup look is perfect for all brides!

A natural bridal makeup is perfect because it is based on preference that best suits the bride and her own features. For example, when choosing a eye makeup look the makeup artist will look at the shape of the brides eye. Hooded eyes look best with a cut crease to give the illusion of an eye crease to lift the eyes.

Lash extensions are a brides best friend, they elongate the eyes and opens them up. Whether that’s falsies or professionally done they make a huge difference with any makeup look.

They are endless shades of lipstick and lip glosses. Based on ” colors of the season” chart warm tone skin color compliment deeper shades of reds, brown, and nude. A cool skin tone will look best with rosey lip color.

Finding a makeup artist that acknowledges what most comfortable to a bride instead of what they like is important. Because when a bride walks down the aisle she wants to glow and feel powerful. And that’s the difference between a good makeup artist and a great makeup artist. Consultation with your MUA a week prior for them to examine and experiment with different products is crucial. I talked about this in a previous blog, because this will give you time to book another MUA if the first one didnt work out.

At the end of the day a bride should feel the most confident on her wedding day. And a natural bridal makeup has that power to do so.

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