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Wedding Cakes



Wedding Cakes!! There’s a reason why they are the center piece of most wedding receptions. They aren’t just a sweet treat for you and your guest. They contribute greatly to the overall feel of your reception and are hopefully a direct reflection of your unique style.

With all art pieces there are no rules!!

Draw ideas and inspirations from both you, your partner, and your baker. It’s meant to be both collaborative and creative.

Cakes throughout all cultures tell a story and represent celebration. Put a little thought into yours and your guests will be talking about it for years to come!

When consulting your baker, speak from the heart of what you envision the outcome of your cake will look like.

Wedding cakes are meant to be drawn by inspiration and memories. A wedding cake topper that can be customized, flowers, and other small details.

Bare or naked wedding cakes give a rustic feel and are a fun alternative if you aren’t a big fan of icing.

Here are a few Bakeries our studio recommends:

Celebrity cake studio

PinkaBella Cupcakes

Ma Boulangerie

Sift and Gather

There are always other desserts if you aren’t a fan of cake. Donuts and macaroons are a great alternative to satisfy everyone! Many weddings offer other signature desserts to appeal to everyone.

Creating a wedding cake doesn’t have to be stressful they are a symbol of joy, love, and celebration! No Wedding would be complete without sharing a toast to a new beginning. Sharing a moment with your guests to commemorate a beautiful day.

Sincerely, Jeanlynn | Studio Assistant & Creative Writer

Wedding Cakes

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