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Nolte State Park Senior Photos



I’m so happy Emily & her mom Ann invited me to document Emily’s senior photos at Nolte State Park!

This was my first-time doing portraits at this location and it will definitely be added to The Studio Portrait locations recommendations list!

Emily is just getting started on her Senior year! I loved hearing about her college plans to become a vet and her membership with the FFA. Congratulations, Emily!! Lots of studying and exciting times in the near future for you.

I love when portrait sessions include family pets! Emily brought her dog to be in some of the photos. Even with pets that can be distracted or seemingly hard to get to cooperate for photos, I’ve never failed to get a few great ones any way! If you want your pet to be a part of your portrait session, I recommend bringing a friend or family member to help hold the leash and spend time with your pet during breaks or photos they will not be in between sets!

I actually get to see Emily again in her Mom’s wedding THIS WEEKEND! Excited to link back to this session when I get to blog a beautiful day of memories at Salish Lodge.

See you soon, Emily! Happy we were all so happy with how your Senior Photos turned out and GOOD LUCK on your Senior Year!

Nolte State Park Senior Photos

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