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Ocean Shores Wedding



If I could move to Ocean Shores knowing I could shoot every single wedding the city hosts I would. Most people know Ocean Shores as a fun weekend summer destination. Something allot of pass-through people don’t notice, is how small of a town it really is for the locals.

Ocean Shores has a population of 6,112 as of 2019.

My reason for sharing this is so you can get an idea of this insanely close group of people. I forget the exact number by now, but Jenny and Lyle’s graduating class was something like 20 people.

This wedding was also one I photographed before introducing flash into my work. Jenny and Lyle were married March of 2017.

Metra is Jenny and Lyle’s daughter. This wedding was so much about them as a family of three. Jenny & Lyle’s family are Metra’s biggest fans. It was so precious seeing EVERYONE care for her and Jenny and Lyle include her in everything they did. From the ceremony to the first dance, they were married as a family this day.

Jenny made her dress! All of the design, beading, sewing, everything. I loved how much love and care went into every detail of this wedding. Their venue was The Lion’s Club.

Bride’s Take Note: After the reception, there was an after party bonfire on the beach. We all had a few beers and hung out a few more hours listening to Jenny and Lyle reminisce with their closest friends. Intimate after parties are such a great closure option for a big wedding celebration! I HIGHLY recommend planning an after party for your wedding day.

Thank you so much for choosing Clynn and I to document your wedding, Jenny & Lyle! We absolutely loved being there.

Ocean Shores Wedding

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