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Wow! I have to say this is my first time calling myself a Portrait Photographer. I’ve photographed in studio before but nothing like classic studio portraiture.

Yesterday, I made my way over to SJP Preferred vendor + one of my besties salon in Olympia to have my hair touched up! I’m back to the rose gold direction and feel so much more me again.

Bree’s the best creative color artist I’ve ever come across. If you want to try something crazy, she’s your woman! On the flip side, she’s my favorite person to refer more “natural” brides to for wedding hair and makeup. She’s wonderful with “nothing crazy, but more than my every day look that will last all night” brides. CONTACT HER/FIND OUT MORE HERE.

I have to give a shout out to the Justin & Mary Lighting Course. That course review blog post will be insane. It may be one of the last courses I review this year as I can’t even put words to it yet. I have been pushed FAR out of my comfort zone and it has been the best thing for me EVER. If you had stuck me in a pitch black room with an umbrella and a flash two years ago I would have laughed and told you this wasn’t a thing. hahaha aaah. Now, it may be one of my favorite shooting scenarios.

The best part? I know there is SO much room for improvement. And I LOVE THESE IMAGES! I knew there was room for so much more as I was shooting, and that’s why I had butterflies the entire time. I loved them. And I knew I could do even better with a different set up.

THANK YOU to Love Your Haiir Co. for my gorgeous hair, being the most amazing friend, and trusting me to try all the crazy camera things! ♥

Olympia Portrait Photographer

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